In the wet method, the harvested red cherries are collected and dropped in the water tank to ferment for a night. The cherries are passed through a PULPER machine which removes the outer skin of the Fruit and leaves a delicate thin layer of skin above the seed called the Parchment. Parchment coffee is spread in large patios and sun dried. This has to be done till they reach a moisture level of 9-10%.

The parchment coffee is stored in Burlap Bags for retaining the moisture. Depending on the market requirement the parchment coffee is put in a huller machine to remove the Skin. We get the GREEN COFFEE ready for the Roast. During this hulling process the coffees is graded and separated by screen size and usually called by common name like Plantation AA, A, B, C Bits, Broken and Browns. In this we have a special variety called PEABERRY it’s a Single coffee bean consumed for its unique flavour and taste.