Roasted Coffee Beans

The green coffee beans obtained are roasted to bring out the characteristic flavor and aroma that coffee lovers around the world crave. Coffee Roasting involves chemical and physical changes that bring out the subtle flavors of the green coffee beans. Our Coffee Roasters possess detailed knowledge of Green Coffee and have all the skills to operate the Coffee roasting Machine. Our coffee roasters apply the 3S principle i.e. Sense of Sight, Sound and Smell during each roasting session. The art of roasting involves using the sense of sight to observe change in colour of the bean, the sense of sound to listen to the cracking sound of the bean and the sense of Smell to ensure a perfect roast.

The science of coffee roasting is to repeat the roast uniformity every time to achieve consistent quality. Though there are advance technology roasters available with computer control, it helps to have the human touch during the Roast session. We add that human touch to the roasting process to obtain the perfect whole roasted coffee beans which we supply to wholesale and retail traders, Coffee Houses and Institutions.

Coffee Type Wet Method Dry Method Indian Specialty Roast type Temp
Arabica Arabica Plantation AA, A, B, C, Bulk Plantation Peaberry Organic Arabica Bulk(Araku Valley) Arabica Cherry AA, A, B,AB, Bulk Arabica Cherry Peaberry Monsooned Malabar Medium – dark brown or fully city roast Around 220 degree
Robusta Robusta parchment AA, AB, Bulk Robusta cherry AA, A, AB, Bulk, organic Robusta Bulk (wayanad) Monsooned Robusta Around 220 dregree centegrade