Ground Coffee Powder

We don’t stop at supplying the very best coffee beans. We also grind the finest roasted beans to obtain optimal particle size for filters and coffee machines. Ground with extreme care, our fresh roast and ground powder helps consumer make rich coffee with a smooth aromatic taste to savor. Our expertly roasted and perfectly ground coffee powder is available directly to the consumers in our store along with other organic products in our product line. Roast and Ground coffee powder with excellent flavor and heavenly aroma can be achieved by being careful and meticulous in every step of the production process.

Before the essence of coffee beans lands in our cups as a hot beverage, they undergo a sequence of processes. We are dedicated to delivering the best coffee to our consumers and therefore, we never compromise on our process.

Coffee Type Wet Method Dry Method Indian Specialty
Arabica Red Stag Pure Arabica Plantation AA, A, B, C, Bulk Plantation Peaberry Organic Arabica Bulk(Araku Valley) Arabica Cherry AA, A, B,AB, Bulk Arabica Cherry Peaberry Monsooned Malabar
Robusta Black Buck Pure Robusta parchment AA, AB, Bulk Robusta cherry AA, A, AB, Bulk, organic Robusta Bulk (wayanad) Monsooned Robusta