Green Coffee

Our quality commitment starts with sourcing of the Green coffee from conscious Planters who have deep knowledge in traditional farming both in FARM and POST Harvest. We source our coffee from small planters who are dedicated and deliver consistent quality COFFEE either PARCHMET (WET) or CHERRY (DRY) Coffee. Coffees of India are shade-grown and many planters follow intercropping with spice or citrus plants. Our coffee plantations follow sustainable agriculture practices with harming the nature. We can always call We avoid buying BLACKS, BROWNS AND BITS (3B’s) such coffee can be purchased at a very low price but spoil the cup quality and we do not compromise on quality for us “QUALITY IS PRIORITY”

The following are the varieties and grades which are sourced from the planter of curing works or from the auction house.

Coffee Type Wet Method Dry Method Indian Specialty Coffee
Arabica Arabica Plantation AA, A, B, C, Bulk Plantation Peaberry Arabica Cherry AA, A, B,AB, Bulk Arabica Cherry Peaberry Monsoonal Malabar
Robusta Robusta parchment AA, AB, Bulk Robusta cherry AA, A, AB, Bulk Monsoonal Robusta