Coffee was discovered in Abyssinia, now in Ethiopia, by a person named Kaldi a Goat Herd. The Goats consumed these Coffee Cherries and that night their behaviour was very unusual. They did not rest but were very alert. Kaldi observed this behaviour of the goats and the next day, he ate a few berries and enjoyed the taste. The king was informed and he relished these red cherries. Though coffee first was consumed in the raw form, later it was boiled and consumed.

But the real taste came when it was roasted and a brew extracted. This became the sacred drink of the ARABS which was called “KHAWAH”. Coffee made its entry through the port of YEMEN called MOCHA. The first COFFEE HOUSE was started in ISTHANBUL, Turkey and slowly spread across EUROPE. Though the British and the Europeans declared it as a SATANIC DRINK, Coffee became the favourite beverage of the people.