About Madras Coffee

Coffee is a gift of nature. Our passionate connection with this wonder bean began in 2003. When we started our business as a SMALL BATCH MICRO ROASTER, we wanted the consumer to know what they wanted. So, we adopted the approach of educating the consumer about the different varieties of coffee species, the processing method, the roast profile and brewing methods.

We source coffee from south India and our major focus is promoting Organic Coffee (ARABICA) grown in Araku Valley and Organic Coffee (ROBUSTA) from Wayanad, Kerala. Both these regions are climatically suitable for growing these varieties. We source Conventional COFFEE Arabica & Robusta both wet and cherry processed from CHICKMAGALUR in Karnataka. Roast & Ground Filter Coffee, wide varieties of Tea and other organic products. We aspire to be a consumer’s first choice for Organic, Natural and Traditional Products. We have partnered with NGOs and Farmer Cooperative groups and created a reliable source of income for them by making these natural and organic products available to the Health Conscious Urban Consumer.

Our Products

Green Coffee

The first step towards delivering customers the coffee powder that helps them savor a perfect cup of coffee is choosing the right green coffee beans. Green coffee beans are unroasted coffee beans as directly extracted from the plantation and reliable estates.

Roasted Coffee Beans

The green coffee beans obtained are roasted to bring out the characteristic flavor and aroma that coffee lovers around the world crave. Coffee Roasting involves chemical and physical changes that bring out the subtle flavorsof the green coffee beans.

Ground Coffee Powder

We don’t stop at supplying the very best coffee beans. We also grind the finest roasted beans to obtain optimal particle size for filters and coffee machines.Ground with extreme care, our fresh roast and ground powder helps consumer make rich coffee with a smooth aromatic taste.